Matt Dzugan

Data Scientist at Uptake


Me, in 100 words.

I am passionate about using my computer as a tool to provide understandable answers to complicated questions. I'm a communications and signal processing engineer turned data-scientist, and I've spent my career thus far designing, analyzing, and modeling space-based communication networks at The Boeing Company, and building models to help optimize the performance of the world's infrastructure at Chicago AI startup, Uptake. Outside of work, I enjoy working through various data-science and visualization side projects (see portfolio) and playing trombone in various bands around Chicago. Although I spent 6 years in Los Angeles, I've never stopped being a White Sox fan.


Where are the Highway signs taking us?

Orbital Resonances (mother nature's spirograph)

What America Travels With (competition on reddit)

Satellite 5G Interference (presented to FCC)

Where do Humans Live?


For the past few years, I've played trombone in the orchestra at the Daytime Emmys. I play occasionaly in The Urban Renewal Project, and regularly in A Certain Groove. In fact this music video was created using a python script I wrote to randomly pull video snippets out of our hard drive of footage, and compile them into a single video, each snippet lasting exactly 4 beats so that the video is in-sync with the music.

My dog has an instagram more active than my own, and I'm not even a little bit ashamed to admit it. I enjoy pub trivia more than zombies enjoy brains. I've been to a game at 14 (11 current) MLB Stadiums. A comment I wrote has made it to the top of a front page reddit post.